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When our divine creator was handing out methods of keeping our bodies cool, he could not (perhaps) have foreseen the follicular fallout from bestowing sweat glands upon his human subjects. Whilst he succeeded in keeping us from overheating on the African savannahs (or Tonbridge council gym) it was it appears, at the cost of maintaining your barnet.3ea35f4252a3a7f13c05bd5ff780567a1daa797011c1671fb1392c991eac0fe6_large
I am of course referring to the increasingly apparent problem of scalp sweat and the unfortunate consequences that this has for your hair-do (balding men aside). The story of “Blo-tox”- using botox to treat sweat damaged hair has been doing the rounds in the papers recently. Celebrity doctors coo about the wonderful effects of sweat free work-outs and the hair enhancing benefits. Apparently less sweat means less washing, which in turn means less frizz and thus fewer trips to the salon. Capiche? Should this be be a thorn in the side of your carefully coiffed scalp then you can expect a treatment will set you back anywhere from £250-£500.
For those of us less frivolous (and less wealthy), we might just take a moment to consider what the evidence base is so far for this spectacular claim. I recall as a junior doctor, a professor who liked to recant that his mother in law’s opinion was just about as unreliable as things got when searching for pearls of medical truth amongst a sea of pseudoscientific guff. Well this is about the situation here- no journal papers, no “frizz-o-meter” to calculate hair curls and no comparison group to check for bias and placebo effect- just some guy with a product to sell and his opinion. The trouble with professional guff merchants is that they look and sound convincing and know that most people won’t question their authority. If we peek under this veneer of confidence however, we find a mother-in-law who is convinced that Marmite on toast cures the flu- I rest my case.


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