Call me Caitlyn

On June 8, 2015 By Andrew Hogg In Uncategorized

The whirlwind of positive sentiment that has accompanied Bruce Jenner’s spectacular transformation into Caitlyn has been most heart warming. It reflects a society that is increasingly intolerant of the intolerant. Hand in hand with the Republic of Ireland’s “Yes” vote for gay marriage the marginalised of society are increasingly having their voices heard.caitlyn

Despite these recent advances, some prejudices are stubbornly refusing to be swept away with the same popular sentiment. Like a game of whack a mole, the misogynistic tendencies of much of the world’s media keep popping up again and again. Comments about a woman’s age, her looks and fashion sense are blithely interweaved within articles where they would seem unwelcome or inappropriate for their male counterparts. Silvia Berlusconi, the former Italian Prime Minister summed this up nicely with his “unfuckable lard-arse” description of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Across the pond in the USA, the American media haven’t fared much better when it comes to defining women’s place in society- don’t age, don’t grow old and you will do just fine. John Stewart of The Daily show hits the nail on the head with this succinct piece about the media’s portrayal of Caitlyn Jenner and their attempts to belittle her.

So aren’t we fanning the flames in the aesthetics industry by pandering to societies intolerance of female imperfections? Certainly most of my clients are women. It would be interesting to see how many more men would attend my clinic were the pressures to maintain a youthful complexion shared more equally between the sexes.

Caring about ones appearance doesn’t have to be taken to unnatural extremes. I for one have never had a desire to fit butt implants or inflate someone’s lips beyond a subtle effect. Any self respecting professional worth his (or her) salt would do the same…..

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