Is it worth it?

The decision to choose any medical intervention can often be fraught with difficulty. Too little information and we might feel we don’t know enough to make a choice, too much and we are often paralysed with information overload. As a doctor I am frequently trying to give my clients the best information with which to make decisions about […]

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Face facts

When considering facial rejuvenation, one of the key aspects of creating a more natural look is understanding the architecture of the face. Restoring volume without any consideration of the surrounding structures is likely to give an unusual appearance. During my recent visit to the CCR expo the recurring theme was all about understanding facial structure and assessing the […]

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When our divine creator was handing out methods of keeping our bodies cool, he could not (perhaps) have foreseen the follicular fallout from bestowing sweat glands upon his human subjects. Whilst he succeeded in keeping us from overheating on the African savannahs (or Tonbridge council gym) it was it appears, at the cost of maintaining your […]

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Don’t give me that lip….

Some things about human behaviour seem to cross all cultural

and historic divides- the desire to distinguish oneself among others. Women have been enticing their male partners via the enhancement of their lips since the first hunter gatherer presented a dead yak to his betrothed. The award for inventing lipstick reportedly goes to the people of Mesopotamia […]

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Vitamin D

“Vitamin D sold here” says the cheeseboard outside the tanning salon. A gloriously healthy looking woman shows off her trim torso for all of us to gawp at in wonder. Gosh, maybe I need a dose of that. Vitamin D is good for us after all- strong bones and all that.

The one slight fly in the ointment of […]

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For those media savvy types out there, you may well have seen this video created by vlogger Em Ford entitled “You look disgusting”. A video in which she shows her natural face, free from any artificial embellishments but badly ravaged by acne- so far

it has built up over 10 million hits. Appended to this are the many less […]

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World UV and Smart Sun

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Beauty and the (media) beast

So I was getting my hair trimmed this morning- a short back and sides, nothing exciting I’m afraid, and the usual chat begins with the hairdresser, a young lady in her early 20’s.
“What’s your job then?” says she. Flattered at the (possibly not) genuine interest and having had years of rehearsal for such moments, I […]

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Call me Caitlyn

The whirlwind of positive sentiment that has accompanied Bruce Jenner’s spectacular transformation into Caitlyn has been most heart warming. It reflects a society that is increasingly intolerant of the intolerant. Hand in hand with the Republic of Ireland’s “Yes” vote for gay marriage the marginalised of society are increasingly having their voices heard.
Despite these recent […]

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You may recently have heard about the age guessing website doing the rounds on social media – a website that doesn’t really need much explaining. Pop in your picture and then bam! Instant disappointment as you realise an electronic chip thinks you look older than the Queen mum. Save to say it needed 3 attempts before […]

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