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Some things about human behaviour seem to cross all cultural

Trout pout

Trout pout

and historic divides- the desire to distinguish oneself among others. Women have been enticing their male partners via the enhancement of their lips since the first hunter gatherer presented a dead yak to his betrothed. The award for inventing lipstick reportedly goes to the people of Mesopotamia 2-3000 year ago, with further advancements from the ancient Egyptians. If you haven’t already visited, then I would suggest a trip to the rather fabulously entitled for more information.

The use of dermal fillers for the creation of luscious lips is a common request in aesthetic medicine. Along with Botox, they form the mainstay of injectable treatments. So what are we actually trying to achieve? One of the first things to say is that thankfully, the Lesley Ash trout pout look is increasingly rare- her unfortunate situation arose as a result of a bad reaction to permanent silicone fillers which are no longer used. Modern fillers are temporary and much less likely to give a similar reaction.

Lip - anatomy

Lip – anatomy

The traditional lip to which many aspire is the classic 1/3 2/3 ratio which refers to the respective volumes that the top and bottom lip occupy on the face. This rule can vary with ethnicity- people of african origin tend to have a ratio closer to 1:1.

The upper lip has a well defined vermillion border (where the soft red skin of the lip meets the thicker skin of the face) and cupids bow centrally which is flanked by 2 philtral columns. With age, the face loses volume through fat loss and thinning of the facial muscles. The lips lose their defining features as as they become less pronounced. Dermal fillers can enhance these areas and restore the natural volume to give a fuller more youthful appearance. The end result depends on the starting anatomy- if the lips are very thin in the first place then a full lip is likely to be difficult to achieve and will look out of sorts with the rest of the face.

John Major- thin lips

John Major- thin lips

Dermal filler lip enhancement takes about 30 minutes. Modern anaesthetic techniques render the procedure relatively pain free although some temporary bruising or swelling afterwards is not uncommon. Prices for dermal filler treatments start from £250.  If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment then please see my contact details below.

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