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You may recently have heard about the age guessing website doing the rounds on social media – a website that doesn’t really need much explaining. Pop in your picture and then bam! Instant disappointment as you realise an electronic chip thinks you look older than the Queen mum. Save to say it needed 3 attempts before I was sufficiently flattered to put my mug online for the sake of the cause. I will let you be the judge of how accurate it is. Prince George’s youthful complexion did not go unnoticed although it did mistake him for a princess and not a prince.

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According to Microsoft, who came up with the concept, the system works by analysing 27 points on the face. These ‘landmarks’ are a series of specifically detailed points on a face; features including the pupils, canthus or nose – which change gradually as we age.

The developers were testing some facial recognition software and only emailed it out to a few people, expecting a handful of responses. They were greeted by an avalanche- 35000 users in just a few hours (interestingly, these were mostly from Turkey). It seems that there is something about having a machine guess your age that draws people in like a bacon sandwich on a building site. Be warned though- it may not give you the result you are hoping for!

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