Is it worth it?

On February 5, 2016 By Andrew Hogg In Uncategorized

2016-02-05 13.12.28realselfrealself.pdfrealself.jpgThe decision to choose any medical intervention can often be fraught with difficulty. Too little information and we might feel we don’t know enough to make a choice, too much and we are often paralysed with information overload. As a doctor I am frequently trying to give my clients the best information with which to make decisions about their health in a way that is straightforward to understand.

Flattered as I might be to think that I am helping them to choose, I know that in reality most of us go away and talk to our friends and family and do our own research. But where to start? Many people don’t know their filler from their botox or their facelift from their facial peel. There is so much information on the web it can be confusing to know where to look. Well for starters there is this fabulous website called Realself. It has first hand accounts of those who have experienced cosmetic procedures both good and bad- you can read their personal testimonies with photographic accounts of their experiences. Armed with this along with the right advice from the right clinician and hopefully you will be able to draw your own conclusions about what suits your needs best.

Remember a good cosmetic professional will be registered with an accountable body, be insured, and have no pressure sales technique. I would rather lose custom by giving clients time to consider their options than get a reputation that money is the only thing that matters to the clinic.

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