Anna, North London

I didn’t take the decision to try Botox lightly. At 34 the lines on my forehead had become far too visible for my liking, however I don’t wear much makeup and I’m not exactly high maintainance. I didn’t want to look dramatically different and I didn’t want a completely frozen forehead.
Andrew was really good at asking the right questions and providing me with relevant information so that we achieved the look that I wanted (reduced lines but natural looking). I found the procedure to be pain free and I was more than happy with the results. My forehead felt and looked smoother. I felt that Andrew made the appearance of my forehead match the more youthful appearance of the rest of my face. Friends and family (who don’t know I have had Botox)  have commented that I look less tired and more relaxed and 4 months on I am still really happy with the results. I will definitly be returning to Andrew in the future.

Michelle, East London

I’m so pleased with the service I receive from Dr Hogg. From the treatment to the after care Dr Hogg is extremely professional and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.  Over the years I’ve tried botox elsewhere (before I was recommended Dr Hogg by a friend) and the general attitude is ‘call if there’s a problem’. Dr Hogg follows up 10 days after treatment to check I am happy with the results (which I always am) – and is available for a review should I need a top up.  Very happy with the natural looking results!

Gemma M, London

I had considered having Botox for a while and after a recommendation from a friend I had a consultation with Dr Hogg and made the decision to go ahead and do it…it was the best decision I have ever made!
Dr Hogg was professional from start to finish and listened about my concerns (in my case it was 2 areas, my Gabella lines and frown lines) he talked me through the whole process, which put my mind at ease and the procedure was done in a relaxed and professional manner.
I had a follow up appointment 2 weeks later with Dr Hogg to review the outcome- I couldn’t be happier with the results!
I highly recommend Dr Hogg for Botox treatment.